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LED light bar waterproofing process level

Source:ShenzhenTwinkle LED Company Ltd    Author:Admin    Visit:191 2017-03-18 16:41:44
LED light bar waterproofing process level there are four grades, want to buy cost-effective products, must be aware of the product of the original. Light Puda LED soft light as a professional manufacturer, in 2015 with you about Tanabata Festival, ask you Overview LED light bar waterproofing process level.
LED light bar IP65 Waterproof: Often also known as surface Dijiao waterproof light bar, is currently made of epoxy resin and PU glue. The LED light bar flat on the Dijiao table on the back with double-sided adhesive to the LED light bar fixed, and then drop the surface of the LED light a layer of glue, play the role of surface waterproof.
LED light bar IP66 waterproof: usually also known as hollow full tube waterproof light bar, the general use of the casing is a full set of silicone tube and PVC full tube.
LED light bar IP67 Waterproof: usually also known as semi-casing Dijiao waterproof or semi-casing irrigation plastic, is the bottom of the semi-sleeve with a good set, and then do Dijiao or irrigation treatment.
LED light bar IP68 Waterproof: usually called full tube irrigation plastic or waterproof plastic pump, waterproof LED is the highest level of water, can be completely used in water.

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