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Market Analysis of Chinese LED Flexible Strip

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According to the water level

      According to the requirements of the waterproof level is divided into: no water LED soft light bar, dispensing waterproof LED soft light (waterproof grade IP55) semi-casing waterproof LED soft light (waterproof grade IP65), full tube waterproof LED soft light (waterproof IP68), which is divided into a full set of sleeves into a single set of LED light guide, silicone water into the LED light guide, irrigation waterproofing effect is better than simply a full tube waterproof light bar.

According to the total number of chips and the number of beads

      LED light light bar is currently common lamp beads are 3528,5050 two, according to the number of light beads per meter is divided into: 30 lights, 48 lights, 60 lights and other common specifications, of which 3528 because of its low power (single 0.06W ) Can be done up to 120 lights / m.

According to the flexible light bar board width division

LED circuit board width of 5MM, 8MM, 10MM 12MM 15MM several;

Analysis of LED Flexible Strip Manufacturing

      From 2006 onwards, due to the rapid development of LED light source, LED soft light market began to use LED lights as the use of light. The main part of the outdoor contour lighting, interior decoration, entertainment and some industrial equipment, cars and other contours of the edge of the decorative part of the LED itself because of energy-saving advantages, and soon replace the neon lights, incandescent and other traditional light source, later with LED chip technology (More than 50,000 hours), environmental protection (mercury and other harmful substances) and other excellent features to ensure that the LED soft light, the LED light source is rich, the brightness is higher, especially the high power saving performance, long service life (up to 50,000 hours), environmental protection (mercury and other harmful substances) Bars in the outdoor, interior lighting market excellent performance.

      At present, high-quality LED light strip of the manufacturing base is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Shanghai and other places around, there are about more than 100 productive enterprises to private enterprises. With the gradual recognition of the domestic market and the actual effect of improving energy efficiency, LED soft light bar gradually into the people's vision, into different business areas and individual family market.

      By the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies to vigorously promote the domestic demand and other factors, can be expected LED soft light market there are three to five years of high-speed development period. However, some of the emerging lighting companies due to the lack of basic experience in production management, there is uneven quality of LED products, the price of vicious competition, gross margin has been hovering in the trough, in order to share in the market, and even at the use of bad beads, Shoddy, with a view to possession of the market. This is one of the products led to the quality and stability of their own and many other issues, the second is the industry's light products and the impression of the enterprise gradually no longer good, long-term will be on the LED light bar market is very unfavorable.

      The quality of the LED light strip depends on the manufacturer's attitude and the ability to own the equipment. To produce high-quality LED soft light bar must be a sound management methods and reliable incoming inspection process to ensure that the use of highly accurate positioning of the LED placement machine placement, and then through the wave soldering, welding after the PCB can be carried out Test separation, connection, testing, aging, sealant, aging, packaging finished product. Each link and the steps will affect the performance and stability of the LED soft light bar, workshop-style manual welding and packaging out can not be used in the anti-static workshop with precision LED placement machine and dust-free packaging products in the same language The

LED soft light strip production capacity analysis

      2006 LED soft light bar officially entered the market since, LED soft light bar has been rapid and bumpy development. LED soft light bar at the initial stage of the price is too high than the LED lights with its brightness compared to its high price can not be proportional to the growth, and because the chip technology and lamp beads manufacturing process is not perfect, Weld, dead lights Occurred, resulting in its development difficult. With the improvement of LED lamp beads and patch technology and more high-quality manufacturing enterprises such as Shenzhen Jingyu Xin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. (www.jyx-led.com), Shenzhen Lehman, etc. to increase investment in R & D, LED Soft light began to gradually into the field of commercial lighting decoration in China.

      2009 LED battle smoke with the economic just getting better, the major manufacturers to step up production efforts, additional investment quota 2010 LED domestic and foreign markets, LED industry hot lead to a lot of capital to enter, more LED emerging enterprises such as Spring bamboo shoots have emerged, short-term caused by LED industry upstream demand. The major domestic lighting giant is also a huge amount of money, increase research and development efforts, and strive to energy-saving lighting market in 2010 can share a share.

       The end of the Expo and the domestic and international lighting market is not bland, to the many new LED lighting companies and lighting giant investment cast a shadow. 2010 market is still applauded, many large and medium enterprises to increase efforts in research and development and environmental protection at the same time, still can not change the LED indoor lighting can not effectively enter the tens of thousands of households the fact that the input equipment, manpower can not get the maximum efficiency Play. LED lighting industry norms have not yet introduced the LED soft light can not come close to the common people of the family one of the reasons; with the decoration industry personalized, fashionable development, LED indoor lighting, LED intelligent lighting, LED decorative lighting, the overall Lighting and other concepts slowly rise, and lighting stores, lighting store brand culture, after-sales service, and so very imperfect, the market eager to formalize the large-scale consumption of space, indicating that although the LED lighting industry production and manufacturing hot, but The whole is still in the development stage, the concept of channels and concepts can not quickly into the hearts of the people.

       Consumer complaints channel to open, will take the lead in improving the domestic lighting consumer services, lighting market standardization, transparency, comprehensive protection of consumer interests, value-added industry reputation, which will become a responsible lighting business must go the road;

       LED soft light bar there is a long way to go, the cost is difficult to achieve universal standards is also restricting the LED soft light bar into the homes of ordinary people one of the reasons. Shenzhen Jingyu Xin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. predicted that in 2012 China's LED industry output value will exceed 300 billion yuan, and this figure is nearly five times in 2008. More industry experts estimate that this year the domestic LED industry investment amount will reach 65 billion yuan, compared to last year's more than 100 billion yuan increased by 600%! Is the market capable of short-term digesting more than five times the capacity of the CPI? LED soft light bar to reduce the threshold, a large number of lighting industry outside the staff, capital speculation blowout influx, resulting in the old enterprises in 2012 LED soft light bar product orders fell. According to the principle of the market survival of the fittest, LED soft light of the lighting market must go through a large-scale pains, out of a large number of cottage is not in line with the norms, anti-risk ability of poor lighting companies will embark on a benign development track. The introduction of national LED lighting standards, as well as LED their own series of continuous improvement of quality problems, luminous lumens continued to improve and optimize the cooling, LED light will be pointed out that a positive road.

Analysis of Application Environment of LED Flexible Strip Product

       LED light strip of the application is inseparable from the LED switching power supply. LED input voltage is divided into 12VDC and 24VDC two common specifications, digital lights currently 5VDC and 12VDC coexistence. LED soft light of the wiring method will directly affect the LED light strip brightness and life. At present, the domestic LED soft light bar main application areas: advertising light boxes, indoor hotels or commercial establishments, private car interiors, personal DIY home decoration, window, fashion shows, path instructions, etc .; in view of these areas of space and environmental constraints, Light bar water, voltage, light bar width will be the customer needs to measure the factors.

       Many manufacturers only know how to produce LED soft light bar, but do not know how to install the use of LED soft light bar, especially the RGB soft light bar, in view of its low voltage and the complexity of wiring, resulting in a wide range of LED light strip Use is subject to greater restrictions. How to provide a full range of guidance services, timely processing to solve the problems encountered by customers become the majority of the actual operation of the experience of the pain of the manufacturers, more manufacturers do not care about the high For many of the engineering customers criticized.

      As the LED soft light bar for most people still have a lot of unknown, manufacturers must have the Heiner Sea measurement to provide the most valuable services and high-quality LED soft light bar in order to win the trust of customers. Customers not only require high-quality LED soft light bar, and requires a reliable intimate after-sales service. From design to installation to the commissioning of every link, we should help customers want to solve them to solve the problems and the formation of institutionalized charter is an excellent service-oriented LED lighting business outlet.

      Promote energy conservation and environmental protection products is the trend, which is not only reflected in the country to strengthen the detection of energy-saving products, as well as LED lighting business social responsibility, but also reflected in the market for energy-efficient lighting, such as LED soft light demand is increasing, Enterprises to consumers, especially the object of the project to develop energy-saving environmental protection products and improve the design of the program, but also for their own development and build their own core competitiveness.

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