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Those successful cross-border electrician sellers have four basic qualities

Source:ShenzhenTwinkle LED Company Ltd    Author:Admin    Visit:158 2017-03-18 16:33:46
The rise of cross-border electricity business, many traditional enterprises are beginning to develop electricity business. However, there are still companies that electricity sales "too complex, there are many factors," or hold "I compete, but foreign products" psychological. However, there is no trouble in the world, I am afraid there are people, as long as you are determined and do a good job

1, action quickly

They are very active, strong execution. Give them a list of work, will be able to complete. From registration to launch shops, a week can be resolved. Some people can spend several months time, the speed is too slow to be slow. And after the launch of the store, they are not sitting there and so on sales, they will learn how to develop other channels.

2, resourceful

If there are problems with the operation, they will use a variety of channels to find solutions, such as the use of Facebook or Instagram these social media to find the answer to the problem, to solve the obstacles. Their various accounts must always keep the landing state, there are problems at any time to find the answer.

3, pay attention to customer satisfaction

Most sellers will allow consumers to place orders for the first time, but can do so very positive for consumers to evaluate the business. Many entrepreneurs rely on word of mouth, because the consumer reputation is priceless. If consumers like your products, they will tell other consumers, word of mouth, sales will naturally improve. Sales increase is the result of customer satisfaction.

4, know the opportunity lies

They understand the opportunities of cross-border electricity business, and sometimes do not have to advertise with them, to a registered link or information link, they can get their own. Southeast Asia electricity sales accounted for only 1%, the United States and Europe is 6% -8%, electricity market there is such a big opportunity for development, they are very willing to make changes, do all the success.

If you have the above four qualities, I believe you can become a successful cross-border electric traders. Do not need to accept the system of training, as long as you have a strong effort to understand the basic requirements of the platform, taking into account the nuances of the market, to adapt to the market and improve. You may make mistakes, but success is still in your hands - because you can control the consumer's view of you and the product.

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